May 20, 2013

'Cause Everything I See Is You And I Don't Want No Substitute...

Déjà Vu, Beyonce ft. Jay Z - B'Day, 2006
my new icons
I believe it was best said when it was said by bloguese and bonafide champion of tailored iconic dressing Alexandra Spencer; "just try to look french..."

We'll pay credit to the fact that I am in France, Alexandra's sage words of advice and also H&M's New Icons range as the result is definitively evident in my current sartorial choices. Life en route has given me a disposition flooded by images of Isabel Marant, hippies, classicism, aztecs, lace, simplicity, icons and cowboys - all with a smear of red lipstick.

Say hello to my current new icons.

Pull. H&M
Skirt. H&M "New Icons"
Booties. H&M
Ring. Markets (Melbourne)


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